Eugénie The Absolute, its rarity and technology make this model special

This very limited work is not comparable to the three previous ones. 600 hours of overtime will have been necessary for its realization. Absolutely nothing is the same. Jean-Philippe has reworked the entire interior and exterior design, giving it a strong character both in its style and in its handling. Jean-Philippe himself made the various decorations paintings.

Jean-Philippe DAYRAUT, artist, designer et creator the Devinci line, has realized the painted himself by titling vertically the vehicle. This specific process only used for the Eugenie gives a real speed effect to this exceptional model.

It also benefits from technical and performance differences in terms of weight, braking, acceleration and top speed.




Those who are lucky enough to drive a DEVINCI discover unique sensations, pure and natural driving pleasure, comfort, handling and above all a feeling of freedom that only this vehicle can provide.            




The materials used are aluminium for the entire front bodywork and fibre for the rear hood. 12 different thicknesses of aluminium were chosen for maximum rigidity and weight savings depending on the purpose and location of the body components.

Each element has been laser or water jet cut and bent by hand. 827 aviation grade stainless steel watertight rivets have been chosen for their durability. They are positioned and fixed by hand by our technicians.

The cover has been designed in several moulds in order to benefit from different thicknesses and strengths according to its constraints and with maximum weight savings.                                              


Jean-Philippe took a personal and singular touch of this Eugénie model.

Meter, dashboard, aluminium-decorated floor and running boards, all elements have been designed specifically.

Thanks to a tool specially created by Jean-Philippe, the decorative numbers on the front and rear hood give this speed effect painted tone-on-tone.


An essential part of the vehicle that appears simple at first glance but is in fact very technical.

This tubular chassis made of mechanically welded steel was designed by Jean-Philippe with 5 objectives to achieve while respecting the homologation constraints.

Firstly, safety, of course, where Jean-Philippe wanted to go far beyond what is required by the homologation with oversized pilot and co-pilot side reinforcements in the event of a side impact as well as a single central roll bar not required in the homologation positioned high enough for maximum pilot and co-pilot protection in the event of a rollover.

As you’ll notice, if you draw a line between the highest part of the roll bar and the end of the hood, the heads of the driver and passenger will be underneath in the event of a rollover. Unfortunately, some convertible car manufacturers do not take into account this very important safety aspect.

For the other four, you will find reliability, lightness (100 kg less than Brigitte and Adèle), design and fuses to facilitate and reduce any repair costs on the front or rear part. This chassis seems extremely simple at first glance but it took all Jean-Philippe’s racing experience to make it. This very original two-seater chassis is covered with a high-strength epoxy stain protecting it from moisture or impacts for many years to come.

Each owner can choose his chassis number subject to availability.


The front grille is the identifying face of all vehicles, it is artistic, original and must be integrated as well as possible into its line. Jean-Philippe wanted it to be simple, without unnecessary eccentricity, in order to keep the eye on the entire front end of the already very original vehicle.


These extremely resistant aluminum rims specific to DEVINCI benefit from an exceptional rigidity to resist lateral torsional stresses exerted in turns but also to absorb to the maximum the various shocks that can be found on the road.


Cut from the aluminium mass, these running boards have been designed to blend in with the style of the vehicle, but also thought out to be as practical as possible for getting on and off. They’ve been marked engraved in the mass. They are coated with a high-strength epoxy paint to match the design of this model.


All Devinci vehicles are equipped with Michelin Pilote X radial tires that evoke the high performance, high sidewall tires of the 1950s and 1960s. This exclusive 6.00 R 16 profile was developed by Michelin to meet the challenge of high speeds (W index = 270 km/h) that the Jaguar XK 150 or Aston Martin DB were capable of reaching.

Its radial structure provides: excellent handling and asymmetrical tread blocks for a moderate rolling sound.

In November 2009, this exclusive tire made it possible to beat the group 2 endurance record , class 8 over 1000 km with an Austin-Healey on the Millbrook Speedway: 246.93 km/h average!        



The special “sport comfort” designed seats have been developed to improve wellness. Their openwork structure enables to improve the ventilation of the seat back as well as the weight of the vehicle.

Our range of 100% natural leather specially chosen for outdoor use has been designed by Jean-Philippe Dayraut and has been produced with regional technical partners with whom we have chosen maximum weather resistance. But our leather also has the REACH ecological standards because we do not use chemicals and thinners or mercury. On this model we have taken a granulated leather with a sewn touch and the big threads of European cowhide, standard in 1021-181 heat and flame test.

The colors and design are the result of Jean-Philippe’s creativity on this model specifically.


This specifically designed steering wheel is made of aluminium covered with varnished wood but also with an epoxy paint that perfectly fits the spirit of this vehicle and provides a very pleasant driving comfort and touch. It was also taken into account that in the event of impact the steering wheel could deform to avoid injuring the pilot.     


This specific aluminium dashboard designed by Jean-Philippe Dayraut is painted in epoxy. It incorporates a new switch that can increase the vehicle’s top speed. Perfectly adapted to pilot and passenger ergonomics, it receives all the meters giving the necessary information to its pilot. The meters have been designed specifically for DEVINCI and this model in particular. You will also find all the necessary information for electric vehicles: charge status, range, Eco Mode, Normal, Sport and Boost. There’s also a handy pull tab for adjusting the driver’s seat, and a USB port for connecting a phone or GPS.                                     

The dashboard is equipped with a V shaped windshield for an amazing look and better aerodynamism.


The DEVINCI design office spent an enormous amount of time on this position, which is much more difficult to achieve than one might think because Jean-Philippe had an extremely precise requirement, like all drivers, for a driving position that is comfortable and adjustable so that it can be adapted to all morphologies. The amplitude of the pedals allows a driver over 2m to be comfortable at the controls of his vehicle. It is fixed on an adjustable plate that allows it to move completely and adapt to a multitude of templates. Carved from the mass of an exotic yacht-type wood, this crankset is varnished to ensure maximum resistance.


This specific flooring for a specific model created by Jean-Philippe Dayraut is made of hard aluminum covered with an epoxy paint that blends perfectly with the choice of interior color decided by Jean-Philippe .


The DEVINCI design office spent an enormous amount of time on this position, which is much more difficult to achieve than one might think because Jean-Philippe had an extremely precise requirement, like all drivers, for a driving position that is comfortable and adjustable so that it can be adapted to all morphologies. The range of adjustment of the seats and pedals allows a driver over 2m to be comfortable at the controls of his vehicle. The seat is slide-mounted and can be easily adjusted by operating the lever on the dashboard, while the bottom bracket is fixed entirely on an adjustable plate that allows it to move fully and adapt to a multitude of sizes.       


With a capacity of 268L, you will be surprised at the volume available! You will have enough room to put your DEVINCI luggage.

Equipped with a key lock, you can leave your belongings in complete peace of mind.



For this model the Boost option has been mastered. Nevertheless, we still find the flexibility, the power and the exceptional smoothness that give its rider a remarkable and very pleasant sensitivity.


Manufactured by one of France’s leading custom iron-phosphate battery companies in partnership with DEVINCI, this battery meets extremely stringent specifications due to the very limited space in the chassis. For the Eugénie model each battery module has been particularly selected to improved its performances.

Indeed, the safety and reliability aspects have been thought out down to the last detail, the battery is located in a steel safety box under the vehicle. This layout is very important to ensure that the centre of gravity provides exceptional stability and handling. This iron phosphate battery has the particularity, compared to a lithium-ion chemistry, to ensure maximum safety in case of shock or failure because it is not flammable.

This 23 KWh battery gives a range of 250 Km, it has the advantage of being able to recharge on a domestic plug (16a) in record time: 30 km of autonomy for 1 hour of charge!

With a 24-month guarantee, Devinci is also committed to all its customers, if they wish, to take back their vehicle’s battery every year to recycle it and offer them a new one that is always more ecological, efficient in capacity and even lighter.


Distinguished by its light weight suspensions, Jean-Philippe wanted to improve even more the properties of the vehicle. He worked with our partner specialized in competition suspensions to create an exceptional product that provides even more comfort and stability to this vehicle. In addition, this model is adjustable in rebound and compression damping to suit a sporty or more comfortable ride.


This model is equipped with carbon brakes discs identical to the Formula 1 models. The front discs have been oversized as well as the brake caliper, which brings much more performance and endurance to the front braking system. The rear brakes have also been modified by the diameter of the discs in order to keep a very important braking balance especially when braking in curves. It took all the experience of Jean-Philippe as a pilot to develop this essential part of safety.      


DEVINCI cars are champions in terms of environmental protection. DEVINCI has worked hard to make this vehicle using a maximum of recyclable materials and working with subcontractors closest to the assembly shop to avoid transport. DEVINCI has also thought during the realization of the different prototypes to be able to consume only 10 kwh per 100 km.

By achieving this feat, DEVINCI cars are certainly the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the road at the moment.

We also plan and work for the recycling of batteries by reusing them in series as a rechargeable energy accumulator by solar panels and thus offer companies or private individuals the opportunity to save energy by regularly using this power reserve.               


This unique model benefits from superior performance compared to other vehicles in the range. A lot of specific work has been done on its braking, suspension and weight.

Absolute performance is not Jean-Philippe’s philosophy on this vehicle, despite the fact that the DNA of its creator wanted a sporty drive. As engine performance is directly linked to energy consumption, we worked on road handling.

For this we have assets worthy of a Formula 1 car with its 550 kg (100 kg less than Brigitte and Adèle models), which is close to the weight of a competition car and an exceptionally low centre of gravity.

And finally, suspension and undercarriage geometries designed with Jean-Philippe’s experience. We managed to achieve surprising handling on twisty roads worthy of a modern supercar. This will give you a very sporty and pleasant drive in complete safety.

More on an anecdotal level and feeling like a Formula 1 driver you will feel the wind on your face and see your front wheels move in direction and compression.


Exclusively on this model: a boost switch increases the maximum speed of the vehicle and also the torque over the entire engine operating range.

Its lower weight and torque make the Eugénie even sportier to drive.


Each DEVINCI vehicle leaving the workshops is personally tested by Jean-Philippe Dayraut on a 5 km circuit.


  • Original Stand
  • Boost mode for sporty driving
  • DEVINCI® Competition Shock Absorbers
  • Barrel cover
  • Complete interior protection cover
  • Waterproof genuine leather luggage
  • High protection windscreen and small windscreen
  • Bluetooth® audio system
  • Dashboard clock with Swiss movement
  • 3D modeling of your vehicle


  • To drive a DEVINCI vehicle, a category B driving licence is required.
  • Wearing a helmet is not mandatory
  • Classic insurance is necessary
  • All DEVINCI cars can be recharged on a 16a household socket exclusively used for reload the vehicule
  • The vehicules have a rapid charging :  30 km autonomy fo  1 hour load
  • A full load of the vehicle costs an average of 2€ in France.
  • The heavy quadricycle approval does not limit the speed of the vehicule
  • This approval enables to drive on european roads (other than highways)
  • The vehicule can easily be driven under the rain, it has be designed to be waterproof et perfectly stable.
  • In case of bad weather conditions, we advise you to have a motorcycle rain equipment or a plastic protective suit in your storage compartment. (tha you can purchase  in any motorcycle shop for less than 30 €). You can also wear a scooter helmet with white visor.
  • To validate the warranty, the first check must be done before 2000 km at a DEVINCI approved distributor
  • Then, the same check must be done every 3 000 km
  • The price of the check is about 500 € VAT ex



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