DEVINCI is not just an electric car but a unique experience, a concept.

In 2016, the first DEVINCI CARS collector’s car was imagined, designed and produced.

DEVINCI CARS cars are quality products, made in France recalling the glorious hours of French automotive history.


Philosophy, Style

First of all, I wanted a timeless collection, something “chic”, simple and natural coming close to the base of the automobile. Whether in its design or its piloting. I also wanted to feel free in contact with nature and not feel locked in a box.


This vehicle is a sculpture, a concept, a unique experience where “chic” style, pleasure, freedom and ecology are its DNA.


The electrical side became natural very quickly. When one understands the philosophy of this vehicle, there can only be this powertrain. Especially now with the advances in technology.


I have had the chance to drive many exceptional vehicles on the road or in competition but the pleasure behind the wheel of a DEVINCI is unique and cannot be compared. I personally take great pleasure in driving it and I understand that it is shared.

Even though its handling is exceptional, this is not the philosophy of the vehicle. We are here for the pleasure of the object and for a unique feeling of freedom.


For me it’s not just a vehicle. I created it as a sculpture that includes volumes, shapes, geometries, and of course, colour. All this with a balance of my own. A balance where detail is not an issue.


And as a side note, it’s riding.


Not everything can be controlled! Daring to go where we feel inspired is so much easier and more natural. Art can only exist with this will.


In my case, I am very sensitive to the shapes and colours of certain mechanical objects. Don’t ask me why.


DEVINCI owners have a certain artistic sensibility and not necessarily a passion for cars. That’s what they decided in the first place. But in a second view DEVINCI gives them an unexpected, unique pleasure.


With my career, my experience as a manufacturer and as a racing driver, it was very important to me to be behind the wheel of a living vehicle. Equipped with my DNA, the piloting I wanted as natural as possible, makes it unique.


I am of course very sensitive and delighted with all the feedback on the pleasure that the owners of DEVINCI take.


For those lucky enough to drive a DEVINCI, they discover unique sensations!

Pure and natural driving pleasure, comfort, exceptional road holding and above all a feeling of freedom that only this vehicle will provide you with.


For her or him at the command of a DEVINCI, on a magnificent road by the sea, in the mountains or in the city, you will discover something different, sporty, relaxed, comfortable that will always give you in the eyes of your entourage, a cool attitude, chic, original, luxury without being ostentatious.


DEVINCI cars are approved electric vehicles, the most ecological of our time: 10Kw for 100KM. Jean Philippe optimizes energy consumption to the maximum by working hard with his team and partners on a multitude of parameters: weight, aerodynamics, friction, transmission, energy recovery.


The work accomplished is exceptional, the DEVINCI is certainly the most ecological 4-wheeled road approved vehicle in the world.     




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